6th Class

  • TeacherMs. Eilís O’ Sullivan


Class Activities!

  • Hello 6th Class,

    Miss O’Sullivan here. I really hope you are all spending time with your families, keeping active, drawing, and reading. I have some work here; do what you can. Hopefully I will see you in the classroom soon 

    Each day – continue to do your Spellbound, Mental Maths and Sentences: (30mins – 1 hr)
    • Monday: Spellbound A+ B, Dictionary work Box 1 + 2,Maths Unit 26 Mon
    • Tuesday: Spellbound C + D, Dictionary work Box 3 + 4, Maths Unit 26 Tues
    • Wednesday: Spellbound E + F, Sentences Box 1 + 2
    • (Each sentence must be at least 18 words long. Neatest handwriting) Maths Unit 26 Wednesday
    • Thursday: Spellbound G + H, Sentences Box 3 + 4 , Maths Unit 26 Thurs

    Project Work:
    1. List off all of the countries in Europe.
    2. List off all the capitals of these European countries.
    3. Pick one of these countries and do a project on it.
    Please Include- Flag, (draw a picture. Explain the story behind the flag) Climate, Languages spoken, Population, Transport systems, Currency, Famous Landmarks/places, Music, Clothing, Food and drink, Native animals.
    4. Be as creative as you like, design your projects! Use lots of colour and take your time to do really neat handwriting.

    Maths: Practice any skill that we have learnt this year on this website. If you don’t know where to start I recommend starting with Multiplication B.1.

    English: Just recently we had practised our letter writing skills. I would like you to write an informal letter to a new pen pal. Tell them a bit about yourself- your hobbies, age, friends…etc. Explain to them how you feel being off school at the moment, what you have been doing every day and what you look forward to when things return to normal. You could mention how grateful you are for the doctors/ nurses in our country. Ask them about themselves too.
    Be creative and inventive. Try doing super neat handwriting!
    Our next novel is called “Kensuke’s Kingdom” Google it- from the front cover try to guess what the book is about. Draw/ sketch a new front cover. Read the blurb!

    Irish: Listen and revise the key phrases in Irish Link – https://youtu.be/9-OYnVuDjxosh Revise the poems and ‘na seanfhocail’ that are already in your Irish copy.


Class Activities!

  • Hello again 6th Class!
    I am really starting to miss all of you now and the fun we have in our classroom (when teacher isn’t complaining!). From our wonderful dancers and singers, athletes, coders, Harry Potter fanatics and artists. I would like to remind you how amazing you all are and how PROUD myself and Mr. O’Leary are of you all this year. Hoping to see you back in St. Kevin’s soon!

    Here is some work for this week. Do what you can and stay active. I have been joining Joe Wicks every day and I hope you are too – YouTube Joe Wicks!

    Please continue doing your spellbound, mental maths and sentences each day. Dictionary work is for Monday and Tuesday and sentences work is for Wednesday and Thursday

    Tables: Practice your division facts https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games

    Each day RTÉ are having a school hub. It starts at 11, and if you miss it you can catch it here:
    https://www.rte.ie/player/series – school hub!

    Eng: Reading- Here is access to our new book. Read whatever you can, don’t worry too much
    If you find it hard to read off the computer. Try reading your library book or even some comics/ newspapers whatever you have at home.

    Writing: Create an advertisement for your favourite food/drink (or create your own) Use lots of colour, persuasive words and be as inventive as you like.

    Irish: https://my.cjfallon.ie – Student Resources!
    I know you will all be thrilled to know that you can access Bun Go Barr online. Please revise pg 80 (Cian I bhfeighil an tí –Cian in charge of the house) and have a look at pg 86 (Ticéad ar an talamh-Ticket on the ground). The children find a lotto ticket on the ground and find themselves on a TV programme similar to Winning Streak. Read through it and try find out what they win on the show!)

    PE. Watch TG4 – All about Sport https://www.tg4.ie/en/player/categories/childrens-tv-shows/

    Most of all stay safe and well 6th class. Thinking of you all every day,
    Miss O’Sullivan


A Special Message!

  • Hi everyone, just a short note to wish you a very Happy Easter and hope that you all are safe and well. We hope to see you very soon!


Class Activities!

  • Hello again Sixth Class,

    I hope you all had a fabulous Easter. Missing you all and can’t wait to get back to school.  Here is some work for you guys this week. Continue to do your spellbound, mental maths, dictionary work and sentences each day.  If there is someone at home who could give you a spelling test on the Friday that would be great too.


    This week I would like you to concentrate on Time.  I would like you to complete pages 96, 97 and 98 in the busy at maths book. Links: https://www.cjfallon.ie/


    Practise your division skills this week ÷11 ÷12. Also, multiply each number in the brackets by 156 (4567, 8923 , 9815,  7139,  8325,  1923,   7892,  1627,  12631,  2634)


    Watch this short video


    1.Write a newspaper story of the events. Include headings, formal language, picture, quotation marks and time connectives (First, next, then, after.etc)

    2.Write your own story of how the problem in the story was solved a different way.

    3. Continue to read at home. If you would like to write a book review of a book you are reading, please email it to me. I would love to hear about it!


    Sketch a tiger. You will need to draw 4 13cm boxes before you begin. I tried drawing this last week myself, and it turned out quite good. I bet yours will be much better. Give it a go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-8P_toTdeY


    Choose one of these topics. Do a mini project on it. Marie Curie, The Aboriginal People, Martin Luther King, The Celts, World War II


    Look around your house. Think of all the Irish words you know for items around your house. Like the fridge, the window, the hoover, foods in your kitchen, toys… etc. Try come up with 40 words.  Read over some of the stories from Bun Go Barr.


    Write down the gifts of the holy spirit. Watch this short video on the fruits of the holy spirit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2bhXAR1gCU Design a poster for both.  We will still prepare for our confirmation and hope that it will be soon. On the CJ Fallon website go to the book “Friends in faith my confirmation year” Look at page 24 please.

    Lastly, I have set up an email address so that you can send me pictures of your work. I would love to see some artwork or pictures of books that you are reading! The email is stkevinssixthclass@gmail.com  Would really like to hear from you guys.

    Stay safe and well, Miss O’Sullivan


An Important Note

  • Dear Sixth Class,

    It has been a very unfortunate interruption to your final term as St. Kevin’s students. This is usually a time that you enjoy the most, from those receiving Confirmation, to our football tournaments, Fun-Day, Sports Day, the ‘hoodies’ and the ‘buddies’, the Ovaca trip, graduation and so much more. However, I would like to assure you that we will certainly see you in some capacity before the end of term, we will have your ‘hoodies’ and there will be a graduation ceremony too – it may be different but we will have one! We are working to reorganise Ovaca and everything else as much as possible, but most importantly, you will see each other soon, when it is safe and you will leave with great memories.

    Ms. O’ Sullivan and Mr. O’ Leary



Class Activities!

  • Hello 6th class,

    Missing you all and hope you are well. Try to keep a routine going and do a little bit of work each day. Even keeping up with the Spellbound and Mental Maths book will really make a difference. Anyone who sent me an e-mail, I was honestly blown away by how fantastic your projects and artwork were. That being said don’t worry if you aren’t getting too much done at home, this work is only a suggestion. Hopefully we will see each other soon. Here is your work for this week:

    Continue to do Spellbound, Mental Maths, Dictionary work and sentences each day.

    Project Work: Inspirational People Do a project on someone who inspires you.

    A person in history e.g. Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa

    Famous athlete ,a footballer, a boxer or a cricketer

    A musician, singer, dancer or artist

    Someone in the community that helps others

    Please pick whoever you like and include some picture as well as the following headings:

    Person’s background- where they are from, family members, interests etc.

    Why do they inspire you?

    What would you say if you were to interview this person

    Maths:  Revision


    Go to the Busy at Maths book on the CJ Fallon website. Complete pages 2 to 6. Do not worry if you find some of them tricky.  Just try your best.

    Multiply the following numbers in the brackets by 56 (4659, 2392,   3845,   6674,   2938,    2938, 2232,   3948,   2984,   2994, 4390,   8093)      Tables: Practice   ÷8,    ÷9

    English: Procedural Writing: Remember procedural writing gives step by step instructions on how to do something. Start each sentence with a time connective. (First, then, after, next)

    Choose one of these goals and write your procedure:

    How to make a TIKTOK video

    How to score a brilliant goal

    How to make a Lava Lamp

    Here is a link. Everyday there is a new picture and underneath the picture are some activities you can do on that picture. Do one activity or however many you like. https://www.pobble365.com/

    Religion: Kindness is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. At this time it is so important to show kindness to our families and to our friends. I would like you to think of a time in the last few weeks where you have showed kindness. Write a few sentences about it.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Wi0UWLeT9I here is a short video is about kindness. Can you explain why? Have you heard of any kind stories lately? Why don’t you make an effort this week to be extra kind to your families? That is your confirmation prep for this week.

    Art: World Earth day was celebrated last week. I would like you to draw a poster to celebrate.

    Email is: stkevinssixthclass@gmail.com  Always happy to hear from you guys. Stay safe, Miss O’S.


Class Activities!

  • Dia daoibh 6th class,

    I hope you had a great week. This Thursday would have been your confirmation day. I really am so sorry it has been cancelled, but I want you to look forward to the days when we can all see each other again and have lots of fun. On Thursday why not take a day off schoolwork and celebrate the day (whatever way you can) if it’s sunny sit out in the garden with your families or videocall a friend? You will still have your special day, we are just not sure when. Make sure you are staying in touch with your schoolmates and being kind to one another, as I’m sure you are.  Keep the spirits up.

    Here is some work for you this week:

    Homework: Continue your Spellbound, Mental Maths, dictionary work and sentences.  

    Art:  This week I would like you to design your own pair of shoes. I would like you to draw them, design them and colour them in. They can be football boots, high heels, converse style shoes, hiking boots or ballet slippers. There are loads of videos on YouTube of how to sketch all the different types.  Choose whatever you like. Remember in our novel ‘Holes’ Stanley’s Dad made a pair of shoes that eliminated foot odour. Your shoes could also have an extra feature like being able to fly, being able to moonwalk, or even make yourself invisible.  Put lots of effort into this, send me a picture. The best shoe might just make the website next week!

    If you want you can include an advertisement for them. Include persuasive language, exaggeration, cost, guarantee and maybe a catchphrase.

    Music: Listen to these two pieces of music 

    Link 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQetemT1sWc

    Link 2.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqJvqMeaDtU

    Which piece of music do you prefer?

    Draw a picture to illustrate one of the songs Q3.Write about the music – do you like it? What do you like/not like?

    Add to the music – can you add body percussion or tap a rhythm that would work well with the piece?

    English: Write a postcard / Write a Letter

    I hope you all received a postcard this week. I would like you to copy the layout of that and write to your Buddy at school. The junior infant teachers told me they were missing you guys a lot. Make up an address, tell them what you have been up to, ask them what they are up to etc.

    If there is someone in your family who you cannot see at the moment why don’t you write them a letter too? An Post are offering free postcards to everyone. If the post office is near you pick some up and send them.

    Maths: Revision



    Go back over your mental maths books and complete anything that is let blank.


    In the second YouTube clip for music the video is set in South America. Do a mini project on South America. Are there any famous landmarks here? What do they eat? What language do they speak? What is the climate like?

    Take it easy this week gang. Remember learning new skills at home like baking, cleaning and gardening are brilliant too. Email address is stkevinssixthclass@gmail.com   I am always happy to hear from you.

    Miss O’S.!


Class Activities!

  • You should now receive suggested work directly from you teacher so be sure to check your email regularly and be sure to show teacher some of your great art, project work and snaps of your different activities!

    We look forward to seeing you very soon!


Graduation Goodbyes and a Terrific Tune!