About Us


St. Kevin’s National School is a school that
serves the parish of Our Lady of Victories and
the surrounding environs in the community
of Sallynoggin. The present school is an
amalgamation of three schools originally
established in 1967, a boys’ school, a girls’
school and an infants’ school. Amalgamation
was undertaken in 1993 and the school
remains on the site of the original boys’
and girls’ schools.

St. Kevin’s upholds the highest standards of teaching and learning as each aspect of the curriculum is delivered. Indeed, the teaching in St. Kevin’s is dedicated without being overly didactic, it is creative and attentive, and sensitive to the needs of all pupils. Holistic education and personal development pervades in every classroom.

Our school crest includes the words ‘Sapere Aude’, Latin words that are understood as ‘Dare to Know’. In origin, these words are ascribed to the Roman poet Horace. ‘Dare to Know’ is the motto of St. Kevin’s National School.

In St. Kevin’s National School, ‘Dare to Know’ lives in our attitude and our ethos. Both teachers and pupils question what we know and dare to know more. Our motto ensures we are never afraid to learn or show what we have learned. We dare to know all that our talents and abilities can achieve. ‘Dare to Know’ says we should never be afraid to be seen as different, intelligent, talented, strong and proud. If you think you might know, dare to know!

Dr. Barry O’ Leary, Principal, St. Kevin’s N.S.