St. Kevin’s National School offers a wide range of activities. We run a number of clubs and activities which are open to all pupils.

We offer Gaelic football coaching, tag rugby coaching, cookery, soccer, golf , volleyball and basketball. We also run a chess club, a homework club and a breakfast club. Keep an eye out for our other activities too - we have just enjoyed our 'Buddy Week' and our annual 'Spookathon', each a great success.

Our Green School Committee also host regular art competitions to create the designs for our bicycle shelters, playground walls and notice boards! We won't mention our cake sales, tables quizzes and 'Scoot to School' days!! Please check our news section for all our updates and come back very soon to read about our latest and greatest activities!!

Gaelic Football in St. Kevin's!

  • We have a wonderful Gaelic team and compete in many competitions, including the Thomastown League. Damien from Cuala also visits the school every week to provide coaching to each class. Click on the link to see our St. Kevin’s scholars in GAA action!!

    Our G.A..A. season so far . . . . .

    Our Final!


Cookery in St. Kevin's!

  • He’s been on our televisions, in our supermarkets and cooking dinner for world leaders but Jamie Oliver has nothing on St. Kevin’s National School. Every year, thanks to the support of our local secondary school and the skills of Ms. Quirk, we, the pupils of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class, have the opportunity to cook up a storm every Monday. Keep your eye out for our tasty recipes!


Maths for Fun!

  • Every year we invite the parents and guardians of our new junior infants to take part in ‘Math’s for Fun’. Our parents and guardians are a great help to the school, as their help shows math’s is never boring. Indeed ‘Math’s for Fun’ is not only great fun, providing a really interesting way to enjoy math’s, it also supports St. Kevin’s in developing a more creative approach to numeracy. A huge thanks you to all who help ‘Math’s for Fun’  and we hope you enjoy our very short video!

    Math is for Fun



Ár Seachtain na Gaeilge

Friendship Week in St. Kevin's!

  • Every year in St. Kevin’s we have a ‘Friendship Week’ or ‘Buddies’ as we call it. As an example to everyone in the school, we the pupils of sixth class, ‘buddy up’ with a new juior infant. Oncea week we visit our buddy in Junior Infants and play games, read together and make sure everything is okay with our buddy. At the end of the week we have a ‘Buddy Assembly’ where we welcome the new Junior Infants to St. Kevin’s. We also read a poem about each of our buddies.


Our Green School!

  • This year we have been successful in attaining our SIXTH Green Flag!! We will keep you updated on all our project work with Ms. Judge – please check in with our Green Schools section!


Our Green School Art Competitions!

  • Each year, thanks to the efforts of our Green School Committee, we  create a mural on a wall in our yard. Our Green School murals illustrate important messages about recycling, the environment and staying fit and healthy.  We hold a competition to create a design or picture with a special message and then the winners of our competition  work with our artists, Stephen and Sean to paint the winning design onto the wall. We hope to have every wall in the yard covered soon!



Our Annual Shoebox Appeal!

  • No, a shoebox won’t change everything, but it will do far more than we could ever imagine, by bringing Christmas to children who have never experienced the happiness that Christmas can bring. Every year we make a special effort with the ‘Shoe box’ appeal, to think of others and really help others. We did a great job last year and can’t wait to do it again this year.


Crazy Hat or Hair Day in St. Kevin's!

  • Each year, the Student Council of St. Kevin’s organise a ‘Crazy Hat or Hair Day’, and what a wonderful day it is! We witness the most brilliant barnets, magnificent manes, dazzling do’s, and terrific tresses. There are always wonderful wigs and tremendous toupees! It really is a great day! Don’t forget to click on the link to see some super snaps of the fuzz, frizz and fun!

    St. Kevin’s Crazy Hat or Hair Day!


Our Spooktacular Spookathon!

  • Welcome to our Spookathon! Every year we dress up, just before Halloween, to raise money for our school. It is always a great day, be sure to keep a spooky eye on this page, as we dress up and try to scare our teachers – who are scary enough without costumes!!

    Click on the link to see all the action from our Spookathon 2013!

    Spookathon 2013!

    Spookathon 2014!

    Spookathon 2015!

    Spookathon 2016!


Our Chess Club!

  • Each year our Chess Club runs from January to June, every Thursday, for one hour. Ian, our resident polymath and all-round chess master, tutors the pupils in the art of chess, ensuring the brain-power of our St. Kevin’s scholars is further advanced towards world domination! Keep on eye on this post for all the action, animation and achievements of our Chess Club!



Volleyball in St. Kevin's!

  • Each year we participate in Volleyball Sessions, it is another of weekly highlights. Thanks to Gary, our coach who comes to our school every Tuesday, we have the opportunity to try this really great Olympic sport – we become experts on aces, spikes, smashes and jousts!! It is great fun!


Basketball in St. Kevin's!

  • We also play Basketball in St. Kevin’s, which is great fun. We are very lucky to have Ms. Harrison who is a Basketball Irish Superleague player, and every Tuesday, after school, Ms. Harrison takes the time to coach the scholars of St. Kevin’s, so you never know, the next ‘Air Jordan’ or ‘Air Jordanette’ might be from Sallynoggin!!


Soccer in St. Kevin's!

  • At St. Kevin’s not only are our scholars quite superb, each scholar has the opportunity to become a fantastic sportsperson too! Among the many sports that we promote, one of the most popular is soccer or football to the traditionalists among us! Each year we enjoy a number of 5-a-side tournaments, that both our teams participate in. Check out our teams from the FAI 5-a-side tournament that was held in Irishtown this year!

    Football Blitz 006 Football Blitz 004

Golf in St. Kevin's!

  • At St. Kevin’s not only are our scholars quite superb, each scholar has the opportunity to become a fantastic sportsperson too! Among the many sports that we promote, one of the more uncommon (in primary schools!) is golf. Following in the tradition of Harrington and McGinley, we know one day the next great golfer from Dublin will have learned his trade as a scholar of St. Kevin’s! It all begins with putting practice on the green-like surface of our school hall!!


Tag Rugby in St. Kevin's!

  • Our tag rugby sessions are one of our weekly highlights. Thanks to Leinster Rugby, Stephen and Stephen, our coaches, come to our school every Thursday and set up games, exercises (and even some crazy singing lessons!) that improve our fitness, agility, health and skill – and most importantly it is great fun!


Zuu Chimps in St. Kevin's!

  • We are delighted to be one of only two schools in the country who offer ZUU Chimps to our pupils, every week, to every pupil in the school.

    ZUU is a wonderful programme that provides each pupil with a high intensity cardio programme, not more than a matter of minutes, that provides for fitness, flexibility and friendship – it is, without question, one of the best programmes to run in any primary school in the country! So why not join our pupils and crawl like gorilla, jump like a kangaroo, bounce like a frog, slither like a lizard, it’s great fun!!


Our D.E.A.D. Days!

  • A couple of times each year, we enjoy a D.E.A.D. Day – a Drop Everything And Dance Day – where music will spontaneously play over the intercom in each classroom and all teachers and pupils must jump up and dance! It is a great day that we all look forward too, especially the staff – lots of dodgy dancers there!!