6th Class

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Our Spookathon!!

  • Once again our Spookathon was a ‘spooktacular’ success this year. Our sincere thanks to our parents and guardians, your support this year was absolutely fantastic. We appreciate your support so much. Our thanks too, to our terrifyingly talented teachers, screamingly super special needs assistants and spookastically superb secretary, who all engaged with the Spookathon spirit. And to the awesomely attired scholars of St. Kevin’s, we had Batman and Barbie, pirates and princesses, zombies, pizzas and iphones, what a brilliant bunch you were this year! We loved our final Spookathon in St. Kevin’s and we’re delighted it was the best Spookathon yet!! Click on the link to see many more scary and spooky Sixth Class scholars!!

    The St. Kevin’s Spookathon!!



Los Championes!!

  • Congratulations to Los Championes!! Our school football team were yesterday crowned champions as the ‘blitzed’ their way to the final of the local soccer competition. Facing tough opposition from St. Joseph’s, Holy Family, St. John’s and Scoil Cholmcille, the superstars of St. Kevin’s produced some slick passing, tough defending and an avalanche of goals. Our team was lead masterfully by El Capitano Gray, who rallied the troops wonderfully when the team went a goal down in the final. However, thanks to our captain, who scored a remarkable 14 goals in five games, the heads did not drop and St. Kevin’s enjoyed a 6-1 victory in the final. Well done to each member of our team, Captain Fantastic, Coutinho Connors, Nathan Neymar, Don de Gea, The Terrific Tica, ‘Gerrard’ Kennedy and Magnificent Murray!

    IMG_5350 IMG_5401 IMG_5410


A 'Champion Selfie'!!

  • As note above, St. Kevin’s were recently crowned champions following a victory over St. Joseph’s in the final. And of course, what good is a victory without a champion ‘selfie’, or a ‘selfie’ of two great champions! Like the Ice-Bucket Challenge, it seems St. Kevin’s is not immune to this trend either!! Congratulations again to all our players, each and every player was fantastic!




  • More champions it seems in St. Kevin’s! Our biggest congratulations to our four amigos, pictured, who were part of the successful St. Joseph’s team that won the league last year and were awarded their medals at the annual ceremony last night. You may notice one or two members of our amigos were part of the success the school enjoyed on Friday – and keeping them company is the St. Joseph’s Player of the Year! I think the ‘golden generation’ of terrifically talented, mesmerising, magic footballers has arrived in St. Kevin’s!



Awesome Artists!!

  • Allow us bow before two awesome artists!! Our biggest congratulations to our two Sixth Class super scholars who were recently commended for the pieces of art they entered into the Dun Laoghaire Council ‘Sharing is Caring’ Art Competition. We must note that our artists were chosen from over 2,750 entries so we are particularly proud of their achievement  – well done to two of the greatest ledge’cakes in St. Kevin’s!



International Soccer Superstar!!

  • There are a number of Joey’s footballers who have played for famous football clubs. Ronald O’Brien signed for Juventus and Gary Smith signed for Sunderland. James O’Connor and Clive Clarke played for Stoke City and Michael Lawless signed for Blackburn Rovers. However, in our current Sixth Class, we may well be among future greatness – for the moment we are certainly in the company of the latest international footballer from Sallynoggin and all in St. Kevin’s are very, very proud. Our soccer superstar recently represented Ireland in the International Danone Cup in Brazil. He is pictured below with his Irish jersey. A true scholar of St. Kevin’s and now an international soccer star too!!



Our Cake Sale!!

  • On Friday, our Parents’ Association hosted their annual cake sale in the Parents’ Room. All our parents and guardians were invited to bring or bake a cake – and we must say a huge and tasty thanks to all our parents and guardians who baked and brought cakes of all types and sizes – we had very cool chocolate cakes, fantastic fairy buns, super Swiss rolls and any number of brilliantly bakes goods and terrifically tasty treats. Our thanks as always for your support on the day. It was a great success and we certainly had a bunch of happy, cake-filled pupils, check out the snaps of our Sixth Class scholars, who also sold brilliant bookmarks on the day!!! Click on the link below to see a selection of the delicious cakes and smiley St. Kevin’s scholars from the cake sale!

    Our Cake Sale!!



The Super Southpaw

  • We have had many sporting superstars in St. Kevin’s over the years and we are now delighted to welcome the latest sporting superstar, or as we call him, ‘The Super Southpaw Scholar’, who was a victorious in his recent fight. We were delighted to see his quick brain is not just for super sentences but also for fantastic footwork and a brilliant ‘bob and weave’. We are sure our sporting scholar will be a star for years to come. Well done, he’s a ledge’cake!




Mid-Week Madness!!

  • One Wednesday morning, Stephen Byrne woke up in a good mood, until he realised that he had to be in work early!! He rushed down the stairs and poured some random cereal into a bowl and threw some milk on top. He turned the kettle on, flung coffee beans, milk and sweeteners into a cup, poured the roasting hot water in and put in a spoon to mix it all. When he was done he sprinted back up the stairs and scrambled his suit on, rushed back downstairs and out the door. He jumped into his ’97 Nissan and skidded out of his estate, onto the M50.

    It was moving until a crash occurred and then it became bumper to bumper. Stephen was getting angrier and angrier by the second until he remembered the back route to his job. It would take ten minutes longer but there was no traffic. He checked his watch and the face seemed to laugh at him as it was 10.00am. He was late.

    However, twenty minutes later Stephen arrived. But then disaster struck, a tree fell on top of Stephen and he was stuck, outside his job!! But somehow he crawled out to safety unharmed. He rushed inside the doors of his office, Pear, up to the third floor and straight towards his boss’ desk to explain why he was late. But Stephen’s boss was very y surprised to see him.

    When Stephen started to tell his boss why he was late he glanced at the work clock, which shows what time every single employee should be in at, he saw his name and his time . . . . 12.00pm!!

    Stephen returned home and looked at his timetable. He was looking at last week. Stephen was really annoyed as he was missing an episode of his favourite show, Border Patrol. As Stephen sat down, with his cup of coffee, watching Sky, he noticed how all this madness had occurred over nothing.!!

    By Sean



Our Christmas Shows!!

  • Our Christmas shows took place in the week before our Christmas holidays. It was a great morning, with the talents of each class shining brightly, from our Junior Infants who performed the ‘ABC Nativity’ to the simply superb singing of our Senior Infants, who all sported the coolest Christmas jumpers! The amazing play, ‘Away with the Manager’ was performed by the amazing actors in our First Class and Second Class, along with a wonderful choral performance from our singing scholars in our Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth classes. Our newly formed school choir also made their début performance. It was a great morning and our sincere thanks to all our parents and guardians who offered their support and encouragement on the day! Click on the link to see all the action,l especially the living legends of Sixth Class who are fast becoming the greatest Sixth Class in the history of St. Kevin’s!

    Our Christmas Shows!



Our New Outdoor Classroom!!

  • We were so excited when we received the news that we were going to get an outdoor classroom. Our teacher Ms. Judge had applied, for the school, for this brilliant classroom and we were delighted when she was successful. And just a couple of days ago, the diggers arrived to create it. Check out all the photographs that show the outdoor classroom from start to finish! On sunny days, or at least warmer days than today, we can go and do our work in the outdoor classroom – we can do D.E.A.R. time, art projects, science projects, geography projects, everything really, especially drawing, reading and writing. I can’t wait. Everybody watch out for that sneaky orange sun, when it appears I’ll be out like a flash!

    By Mickey

    IMG_4626 IMG_4624garden IMG_4635


Meet the St. Kevin's Choir!!

  • The St. Kevin’s Choir formed recently and in the last week have come together and begun to ‘jam’, working on songs they like, melodies, harmonies and everything in-between! We thought we would give you a sneak preview of our new choir in action. The talent shines brightly already, and the choir sound fantastic – if the guys are this good after one week, we can’t wait to see how good they are at our next assembly. Maybe we should get the autographs now, before we have to pay for the privilege! Click on the links to see the guys in action and if you recognise the tunes as well as our Sixth Class singers!

    The St. Kevin’s Choir ‘jam’ with ‘All of You’!

    The St. Kevin’s Choir ‘jam’ with The Lumineers ‘Hey Ho’!




Our Table Quiz Team

  • Huge congratulations to our Sixth Class Table Quiz team, who participated in the Irish League of Credit Unions National Schools Table Quiz on Friday evening.  The competition was contested closely by all teams and the questions were far from easy which made the achievements of all teams more impressive. Our Sixth Class performed wonderfully well, finishing in third place, just a couple of points shy of the winners! Check out our commendably cerebral competitors below, who have represented St. Kevin’s brilliantly for the last two years, we will miss you guys next year!



Getting Ready for Bio-Diversity and Action Week!!

  • Biodiversity is the huge variety and variation of life that surrounds our school. This week is our Green School Action Week and for the last two years we have been working on the theme of biodiversity. We have studied the natural environment of our school and come to appreciate the biodiversity that is all around us – from the grass in our yard, to our trees, our flowerbeds, our newly planted and maintained school garden, our outdoor classroom, our bird boxes, our bug hotels, our nocturnal visitors, our project work, it really is all around us. And as always, we are careful and respectful of all the diverse life around us, it is really great to know there is so much going on in our yard, even when we’re not around! And remember, stay keen, stay green – and click on the link to see some of our work so far – Sixth Class have rocked the school garden in a major way so keep an eye out for us!!

    Getting Ready for Bio-Diversity and Green School Action Week!



Seachtain na Gaeilge!!

  • Bhí Seachtain na Gaeilge againn i Scoil Naomh Chaoimhín. Bhí orainn go leor imeachtaí. Bhí comórtas ealaíne againn, bhí feis ceoil agus ceolchoirm leis an córscoil againn, bhí lá glas againn agus bhí tráth na gceist againn. Bhí sé spraoi iontach. Seiceáil go léir an gníomh!!!

    Seachtain na Gaeilge 2015!!

    Seachtain na Gaeilge 2014!!



Footballing Heroes!!

  • Our huge congratulations to the soccer superstars of St. Kevin’s, who reached the final of the F.A.I. 5 a-side Tournament in Irishtown this week. Our fantastic footballers produced perfectly on the day, winning the group unbeaten, before advancing to a semi-final that included a last-minute equaliser and victory on penalties! Unfortunately the final didn’t go our way but our team was lead masterfully by El Capitano and The Goal-Machine Gray, who rallied the troops wonderfully and never allowed heads to drop. Well done to each member of our team, Goal-Machine Gray, Panaldinho, Coutinho Connors, Nathan de Neymar Santos, Van Seansie, ‘Zlatan’ Byrne, Liam ‘Brady’ Thompson and goalkeeper Donaldo. Legends, one and all.



Confirmation Congratulations!!

  • Wow what a bunch of ledge’cakes!! Big congratulations to the pupils of our Sixth Class who received the Sacrament of Confirmation yesterday. It was a fantastic day, from a wonderful ceremony to the wonderful weather. Compliments to all our scholars in the ‘Super Sixth’ too for the ‘style on show’, probably the most stylish Sixth Class in the country innit!!

    confo_6th confo_6th_2

Our Friendship Corner!!

  • We are delighted to say that our new ‘Friendship Corner’ has just been finished! So in the unlikely event that one of our pupils, or a new Junior Infant pupil, is without a friend, they will be invited to visit the ‘Friendship Corner’ where there will certainly be a friend – think  of it as a ‘Friendship Bus Stop’, it’s the place to go if you need a friend, pal, buddy, bro’, comrade, companion or company! And we would just like to thank our two models in our Sixth Class, who have now been ‘immortalised’ on the wall of St. Kevin’s forever!!!!!!!

    20150612_135936 20150611_110132 20150611_084705


Graduation Goodbyes!

  • Our biggest congratulations to our superb and scintillating scholars in Sixth Class, who graduated today. We are so proud of this bunch who are genial, gracious, good-hearted, generous, great, gentle and truly gifted! Our congratulations to you all guys. We will miss you but remember, with clear eyes and a full heart, you can’t lose! Please click on the link to see snaps of all the good and great times that epitomised our Class of 2015!

    The Legendary Class of 2015!!

    20150609_204000 (1)