2nd Class

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Our New Class!

  • Just a short note to welcome back each and every scholar of St. Kevin’s! We are looking forward to another very successful year, a year of the very best teaching and learning, where each pupil will dare to know, and dare to know more! We would also like to welcome the newest scholars of St. Kevin’s, from our new Junior Infants to our new additions in Sixth Class, you are all very welcome!! We have created a short video to introduce you to the newest scholars of St. Kevin’ and of course we have included our other scholars, who are typically super, scintillating, sincere, smart, sophisticated, stylish and sweet. You may well recognise a few familiar faces and funny poses but we hope you enjoy it. We look forward to our new arrivals and new infants becoming the next legacy of legendary St. Kevin’s stars! Just click on the link below to see everyone!!

    The Scholars of St. Kevin’s!



Awesomely Spooky Stanzas!

  • Our wonderful writers in Second Class have been busy crafting terrifying tales and spooky stanzas as we near Halloween. Check out this ‘loathsome literature’ from the ghosts, ghouls, minions and monsters of Second Class! (Really, we mean Eoin, Ciara and Ruby!) Click for a closer look at the super work from superbly spooky students!

    20151020_151558 20151020_151614 20151020_152725


Mouse Returns!

  • We have been very lucky as Mouse has decided to come back to St. Kevin’s. This year Mouse came to second class. We looked at some animal pictures. We looked at bugs, bunnies, woodlice, spiders and squirrels. We went outside and we went to get slugs and woodlice and bugs and spiders. Mouse gave us some jars and spoons and sticks to pick them up. We put them in the jar so we could have a closer look. At the end we let them all out of the jar. Al these mini-beats went back to our mini-beast hotel in the school garden!

    By Blessing



Zuu Chimps!

  • Every Monday morning we do ‘Zuu Chimps’. It is lots of fun because we get to jump around the hall like different animals. We run, jump and crawl like kangaroos, bears and frogs.  Sometimes we miss some of our Irish lesson too!! Stephen shows us what to do and we give each other lots of high fives. Our teacher does lots of the moves too. She is great at Zuu Chimps. I really like Monday mornings.

    By Ciara



St. Kevin's Spookathon 2015!

  • Once again our Spookathon was a ‘spooktacular’ success this year. Our sincere thanks to our parents and guardians, your support this year was absolutely fantastic. We appreciate your support so much. Our thanks too, to our terrifyingly talented teachers, screamingly super special needs assistants and spookastically superb secretary, who all engaged with the Spookathon spirit. And to the awesomely attired scholars of St. Kevin’s, we had Batmen, Barbies and Dublin Buses, corpse brides, crazy clowns, pirates and princesses and ‘new pupils’, terrifying trees and scary skeletons, what a brilliant bunch you were this year! If scaring is caring, we’re an immensely fortunate school! Our thanks to you and all super scholars for a truly great Spookathon! Click on the link to see all the action from our 2015 Spookathon!!

    St. Kevin’s Spookathon 2015!



Mouse Returns Again!

  • Mouse joined us for his second visit of the year and it was brilliant. First, Mouse had trays of pondwater. In the pond water there were baby newts, snails, baby dragon flies, water bugs and leaves. It was class. After that, we went outside and we hid nuts outside. In December we have to find these nuts. The last cool thing we did with Mouse was making a house for a hedgehog. We needed leaves and sticks. We hid these house in the bushes for the hedgehogs who live in the school gardens.

    By Lilianna and Daniel

    20151103_091314 20151103_091323


Time to Read!

  • We are delighted to say that the  Time to Read programme was launched in our class this week! This programme provides children in second class with reading support from a business volunteer. In our case, we are going to be linked with a great group from Zurich in Blackrock.  The programme aims to increase the enjoyment and confidence in reading – we can’t wait to get started after meeting our volunteers – it’s going to be great fun!

    IMG_5004 IMG_5004


St. Kevin's Cake Sale 2015!

  • On Friday, our Parents’ Association hosted their annual cake sale in the Parents’ Room. All our parents and guardians were invited to bring or bake a cake – and we must say a huge and tasty thanks to all our parents and guardians who baked and brought cakes of all types and sizes – we had very cool chocolate cakes, fantastic fairy buns, super Swiss rolls and any number of brilliantly bakes goods and terrifically tasty treats. Our thanks as always for your support on the day. It was a great success and we certainly had a bunch of happy, cake-filled pupils!!! Click on the link below to see a selection of the delicious cakes and smiley St. Kevin’s scholars from the cake sale!

    St. Kevin’s Cake Sale 2015!



The Cake Sale by Ciara!

  • Last Friday was the date of our Cake Sale. We aere so excited when we lined up. Everyone was givena plastic bag four our purchases. I bought five things. There were one ‘Rice Krispie’ cake and four cupcakes with a Cadbury’s buttons on them. They were yummy! Everyone was delighted with theselves after it. We were allowed to eat one cake in school. I ate the ‘Rice Krispie’ cake. It was good!!

    By Ciara



A New Pupil 'Spike!'

  • This week, Mouse arrived and he wasn’t alone! Mouse had brought along a friend, a new pupil who was ‘furry’ good in class!! We were very nice to our new pupil, as he can sometimes get a little ‘spiky’ if he isn’t happy! We all had a cuddle and then we went exploring in our yard, to find food for our furry little friend!! Check out the snaps and very short video of our new pupil!

    A Spiky Visitor Joins the Scholars of St. Kevin’s!



Our Christmas Acrostic Poems!

  • We wrote some super acrostic poems to celebrate Christmas, we hope you enjoy reading our poems – and just click on the picture to make it bigger. Happy Christmas!

    By Bartek, Eoin and Brody

    acrostic1 acrostic2 acrostic3


Big Bad Ben of Bethlehem!

  • Last week, we performed our Nativity play, ‘Big Bad Ben of Bethlehem’. But this Nativity was nativity was different! It was not all about the shepherds, or the wise men, or Mary and Joseph, though we met them later in the story. No our play was centred on a character that you won’t have met before. It was the story of the most mischievous boy in Bethlehem. His name was Ben, but most people called him ‘Big Bad Ben of Bethlehem’! It was great fun, click on the photograph to see us all in action!

    By Ciara



Our Christmas Shows 2015!

  • Our Christmas shows took place in the week before our Christmas holidays. It was a great morning, with the talents of each class shining brightly, from our Junior Infants who performed a super dance, to the simply superb singing and dancing of our Senior Infants, who all sported the coolest Christmas jumpers! This was followed by another perfect performance by the amazing actors in our First Class and Second Class treated us all to a wonderful play ‘Big Bad Ben of Bethlehem’. Third Class appeared in their fantastic play ‘Superheroes of Christmas’ and Fifth Class wowed everyone with a brilliantly modern and funny play ‘#Nativity’. Sixth concluded the class performances with  a dazzling dance before we listened to a wonderful choral performance from our singing scholars in our Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth classes. Our newly formed ‘Pupils and Parents’ choir also made their début performance, brave and brilliant are the only words!. It was a great morning and our sincere thanks to all our parents and guardians who offered their support and encouragement on the day! Click on the link to see all the action!

    Our Christmas Shows 2015!

    Our ‘Parent and Pupil’ Choir!



Crazy Hat or Hair Day!

  • Last Friday, the Student Council of St. Kevin’s organised a ‘Crazy Hat or Hair Day’, and what a wonderful day it was! We witnessed the most brilliant barnets, magnificent manes, dazzling do’s, and terrific tresses. There were also wonderful wigs and tremendous toupees! Well done to all, it was a really great day and raised some fantastic funds for the Student Council to purchase some playground equipment! Don’t forget to click on the link to see some super snaps of the fuzz, frizz and fun!

    St. Kevin’s Crazy Hat or Hair Day!



Seachtain na Gaeilge and our Proclamation Day

  • Bhí Seachtain na Gaeilge againn i Scoil Naomh Chaoimhín. Bhí orainn go leor imeachtaí. Bhí comórtas ealaíne againn, bhí feis ceoil agus ceolchoirm leis an córscoil againn, bhí lá glas againn agus bhí tráth na gceist againn. Bhí sé spraoi iontach. We also enjoyed a wonderful ‘Proclamation Day’ on Tuesday, there was  music, poetry, proclamations, a wonderful speech and of course the raising of the national flag. It was a great week, and an especially great day. Click on the link to see some of the action!!

    Seachtain na Gaeilge and our Proclamation Day

    Rehearsals for our Proclamation Day



Bartek's Brilliance!

  • We must salute the artistic genius of our very own Leonardo da Vinci, or as he is known to his teacher, friends and folks, the Brillant Bartek. Bartek is one of our very talented pupils, who has an outstanding artistic talent and creative quality that may very soon see his work in the National Gallery. Please click on the photograph below to see the very cool and very creative model of the school that Bartkek has designed, the detail is just incredible!! We especially like the detail of the brickwork, the school crest and of course the garden to the front of the school. If Bartek doesn’t become an awesome artist we’re pretty sure he’ll be an amazing architect!



‘Scientastic Super Scholars’!

  • Each year in St. Kevin’s I am amazed by the incredible science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) work undertaken by both our terrific teachers and super scholars. This year, as part of our evaluation, we promised to raise the profile of science in the school and see if our superb scholars could shine brightly as super scientists too! We are glad to say, that through a whole school collaboration, we seem to have managed our task, and the last few months has seen dancing raisins, rubber rockets, voluble volcanoes, crazy chromatography, mad materials, mad maths trails, pretty cool air pressure ploys, brilliant bridge design, lovely lava lamps, de’light’ful lighthouses and extraordinary eggs to mention but a few things. It has been brilliant, and my thanks to every class, who have been class in every way!! Check out all the action by clicking on the link!

    ‘Scientastic Super Scholars’!



Eoin's Easter Rising!

  • Allow us bow before another awesome artist!! Like his big bro’ in Fifth Class, this super scholar is a very talented artist  – and now a very talented historian. This fantastic piece of art illustrates the events of the Easter Rising in a brilliant manner, it’s very easy to understand and very interesting too, we might ask Eoin to illustrate all our history, geography and science books in school, we would have no problem learning with Eoin doing the teaching and drawing!! Just click on the picture to see an enlarged version, well done to one of the latest and greatest ledge’cakes in St. Kevin’s!




First Holy Communion

  • Wow what a bunch of ledge’cakes!! Big congratulations to the pupils of our Second Class who received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion on Saturday. It was a fantastic day, from a wonderful ceremony to the wonderful weather. Our sincere thanks to Fr. Gleeson. Compliments to all our scholars in the ‘Super Second’ too for the ‘style on show’, we enjoyed the ‘fashion show’ in school yesterday too. And of course, we must say a big thank you to our Parents’ Association for organising a beautiful banquet and breakfast reception for all our new Communicants!

    communion_funny communion_nice