Classes 2016–17


Welcome to our classes for this year - it is really 'class'! This year we have a commendable compliment of nine classes, from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.

The phenomenal Ms. Phelan and the very cool Ms. Conlon are working with our new Junior Infants and the magnificent Mrs. McMorrow is guiding our Senior Infants.

The hilarious Mr. Hogan teaches our First Class pupils while the magnificent Ms. Monaghan edifies our Second Class. The fantastic Ms. Forde looks after our Third Class while the calm and collected Mr. Cantwell keeps the company of our Fourth Class.

Finally, the beatific Mrs. Byrne endeavours to inspire our Fifth Class collective while the brilliant Ms. Buckley holds the fort and prepares our scholars in Sixth Class! Click on each link to see the latest work, activities, action and achievements from each class. And remember in St. Kevin's, if we think we could know or might know, we 'Dare to Know'!