3rd Class

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The Newest Scholars and Classy Classes of St. Kevin's!

  • Just a short note to welcome back each and every scholar of St. Kevin’s! We are looking forward to another very successful year, a year of the very best teaching and learning, where each pupil will dare to know, and dare to know more! We would also like to welcome the newest scholars of St. Kevin’s, from our new Junior Infants to our new additions in our other classes, you are all very welcome!! We have created a short video to introduce you to the newest scholars of St. Kevin’s and of course we have included our present scholars, who are typically super, scintillating, sincere, smart, sophisticated, stylish and sweet. You may well recognise a few familiar faces and funny poses but we hope you enjoy it. We look forward to our new arrivals and new infants becoming the next legacy of legendary St. Kevin’s stars! Just click on the link below to see everyone!!

    The Newest Scholars and Classy Classes of St. Kevin’s!



Our Spookathon!

  • Once again our Spookathon was a ‘spooktacular’ success this year. Our sincere thanks to our parents and guardians, your support this year was absolutely fantastic. It gets better with each year, we appreciate your support so much. Our thanks too, to our terrifyingly talented teachers, screamingly super special needs assistants and spookastically superb secretary, who all engaged with the Spookathon spirit. And to the awesomely attired scholars of St. Kevin’s, we had Mrs. Brown,  Batmen and Barbies, Draculas and Dorothys, corpse brides,  clowns, pirates, princesses and ‘new pupils’ and scary skeletons, what a brilliant bunch you were this year! If scaring is caring, we’re an immensely fortunate school! Our thanks to you and all super scholars for a truly great Spookathon! Click on the link to see all the action from our 2016 Spookathon and keep an eye out for terrifying Third Class!!

    St. Kevin’s Spookathon 2016!



Cake Sale 2016!

  • On Friday, our Parents’ Association hosted their annual cake sale in the Parents’ Room. All our parents and guardians were invited to bring or bake a cake – and we must say a tasty thanks to all our parents and guardians who baked and brought cakes of all types and sizes – we had very cool chocolate cakes, fantastic fairy buns, super Swiss rolls and any number of brilliantly bakes goods and terrifically tasty treats. Our thanks as always for your support on the day. It was a great success and we certainly had a bunch of happy, cake-filled pupils!!! Click on the link below to see a selection of the delicious cakes and smiley St. Kevin’s scholars from the cake sale!

    Cake Sale 2016!



The St. Kevin's Messi?

  • One of the great things about sport is how knowledge is passed from one great competitor to the next, from those who saw genius to those who may soon claim it for themselves – and we, in St. Kevin’s, may be soon looking at our next great footballer! Just like his big bro’, our super player, pictured, in scoring goals for fun for his local club – and we hope will soon be doing the same for St. Kevin’s! Congratulations on wining all your medals at your tournament sir!



Brilliant Boxing!

  • We have had many sporting superstars in St. Kevin’s over the years and we are now delighted to welcome the latest sporting superstar, or as we call him, ‘The Southpaw Scholar’, who was a victorious in his recent fight. We were delighted to see his quick brain is not just for super sentences but also for fantastic footwork and a brilliant ‘bob and weave’. We are sure our sporting scholar will be a star for years to come. Well done, he’s a ledge’cake but most important a gentleman too, and the kindest fella’ you could wish to meet on the yard!



Seachtain na Gaeilge 2017!

  • Bhí Seachtain na Gaeilge againn i Scoil Naomh Chaoimhín. Bhí orainn go leor imeachtaí. Bhí feis ceoil agus ceolchoirm leis an córscoil againn, bhí lá glas againn agus bhí tráth na gceist againn. Bhí sé spraoi iontach. Bhí againn paráid iontach – it really was something special. It was a great week, and an especially great day on Wednesday. Click on the link to see some of the action!

    Seachtain na Gaeilge 2017!

    Parade Footage from Seachtain na Gaeilge 2017!



An Awesome Artist!

  • Allow all in St. Kevin’s bow before the great and brilliant Bartek. Thus guy is the maginificent Michelangelo of St. Kevin’s, an awesome artist who can work in any medium, to create a wonderful piece of masterful art.  Please clicl on the picture below, to see the model of St. Kevin’s in full detail, replete with details such as the school flag and  a fully functional street lamp. The stars, which light up too, are fantastic. This model is o display in our school entrance area – a wonderful addition to our gallery of greats (altho, this may well be the best!!). Well done to our awesome artist!!

    20170324_135955 20170324_140028


Scholars Get 'Scientastic'!

  • Each year in St. Kevin’s, we are amazed by the incredible science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) work undertaken by both our terrific teachers and super scholars. This year, as part of our evaluation, we promised to continue to raise the profile of science in the school and see if our superb scholars could shine brightly as super scientists too! We are glad to say, that through a whole school collaboration, we seem to have managed our task, and the last few months has seen dancing raisins, rubber rockets, bursting balloon rockets, voluble volcanoes, dazzling dentistry, mad maths trails, brilliant bridge design, lovely lava lamps and a few incredible visitors – from snakes to the fun and games of our SEAI presenter. We have also visited Airfield, Sea Life and Bull Island. It has been brilliant, and my thanks to every class, who have been class in every way!! Check out all the action by clicking on the link! Well done Third Class!

    Our Scholars Get ‘Scientastic’ Science Video!