2nd Class

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Our Bulletin Board

  • This is our class bulletin board. We will be posting news and articles on this page over the course of the school year. Check back soon for updates!


Our New Year Resolution!

  • It’s the start of a new year so we’ve decided that one of our promises this year is to have a great class site! We are going to write about all the great work we do with Mrs. Byrne and Deirdre on this page. We will show you all our great work, from our stories to our projects and poems, prepared to be amazed by the awesomeness of the second class scholars!



Volcanoes!! Captain Corey's Team

  • We did a great project on volcanoes last week and we discovered some super facts which you can read below. I was the team captain, Ellie was our researcher, Jodie was our writer, Bharat did all the drawings and Bill and I made a model volcano from clay.

    Here are our facts. Lava can kill people and the ash poisons people. When the pressure builds up the volcano erupts. Gas and rocks shoot up though the opening of the volcano and spill out.These eruptions can cause lava flows, hot ash flows, mudslides, avalanches, falling ash and floods.Volcanic eruptions, floods and hurricanes are all natural events. They only become destructive when they have terrible effects!

    By Corey, Jodie, Ellie, Bharat and Bill

    photo 1


Super Volcanoes!! Captain Jasmine's Team

  • We did a super project on ‘Super Volcanoes’!  We researched all about how often eruptions happen with super volcanoes and how much lava super volcanoes produce. I was the team captain and writer, Stephen was our researcher, Saoirse and Martin did all the drawings and Nathan constructed our super volcano from clay.

    Here are our facts. Super Volcanoes are the largest volcanoes that produce the most eruptions of all. They produce about a thousand times more lava then an average volcano. Eruptions are very rare happening hundreds of thousands of years ago. Yellowstone National Park in the USA is the most famous example of a super volcano.

    By Jasmine, Stephen, Saoirse, Martin and Nathan.

    photo 1


Mt. Vesuvius!! Captain Martyna's Team

  • We did a super project on famous volcanoes like the famous volcano that erupted near Pompeii in Italy. I was the captain and artist, Sharal was our researcher, Rahma did the writing, Lee created all our pictures and Ian built our Mt. Vesuvius volcano from clay.

    Here are our facts. The city of Pompeii was around during the times of Ancient Rome. In 79 AD Mount Vesuvius erupted. Many people died because of the eruption. The city was buried under 20 feet of ash. Scientists believe that one and a half million tons of ash and rock shot out of the volcano. The people of the city were very curious when they saw the smoke.

    By Martyna, Sharal, Lee, Rahma and Ian.

    photo 3



Krakatoa!! Captain Chloe's Team

  • We did a really great project about a very famous volcano called Krakatoa. I was the capatin and reseracher, Killian was our writer, Pia did all the drawings and we all built our clay model of Krakatowa together.

    Here are our facts. There is a famous volcano called Krakatoa which erupted in 1883. This volcano was in a small island off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. The volcano had not erupted in 200 years. On the 27th of August there were small explosions and soon the volcano exploded, causing one of the biggest eruptions of all time!

    By Chloe, Pia, Killian and Kian

    photo 5


Picturing Picasso!!

  • This week we studied the art of Picasso, where you try to imagine seeing  things from all sides at once! We had a great time drawing and colouring portraits just as Picasso did – but Stevie, now known as Little Mario Balotelli thanks to the greatest haircut ever, also added a portrait of somebody else, we bet you know who it is!

    By Ellie

    picasso1 picasso2 picasso3bart


The Visit of 'Mouse'!

  • Everyone in Second Class has been having a super time and doing lots of great work for bio-diversity in school.  Last week, ‘Mouse’ came to visit us again and we went on a bird watching tour of the school grounds and spotted lots of interesting wildlife that we had never noticed before. We must learn to keep our eyes and ears open!!

    We saw a variety of birds and birds’ nests. After our bird watching trip, we went back to class and built our own bird feeders – hopefully lots of new birds will start visiting our school soon! We also learned about different types of birds that might visit the school, and we’ll be able to spot them if they visit! Check out the short video of all our hard work on bio-diversity with ‘Mouse’!

    The Visit of ‘Mouse’!!



Maith Sibh Guys!

  • Tá obair iontach sa rang seo. Gach lá déanann na daltaí éagsúla dráma le puipéid. Tá sé ar bhealach gur iontach chun an Ghaeilge a fhoghlaim. Maith sibh guys!



Seachtain na Gaeilge

  • Bhí Seachtain na Gaeilge againn i Scoil Naomh Chaoimhín. Bhí orainn go leor imeachtaí. Bhí comórtas ealaíne againn, bhí ceolchoirm againn, bhí lá glas againn agus bhí tráth na gceist againn. Bhí sé spraoi iontach. Seiceáil go léir an gníomh!

    Seachtain na Gaeilge!

    Seachtain na Gaeilge 112


Weaving with our Parents!

  • Each Wednesday we enjoy a weaving class with Gráinne. It is really cool because all our parents and guardians join us in our classroom so we can weave together. Each week we weave really cool designs, with different patterns and colours. Gráinne is a great teacher and we really love having our visitors (our mams, dads, grannies and grandads!!) in our classroom too, it is great fun!! Click on the link to see us in action!!

    Our Weaving Classes!!

    Parent and Child Art 2nd 019



The Visit of Mouse (Part 2!!)

  • Last week Mouse returned to St. Kevin’s to ignite our imaginations about the bio-diversity all around us in St. Kevin’s. It was a really cool visit. The first thing we did was try out the challenge that Mouse set us. We had to collect all the twigs, small branches and leaves we could in the school garden and build a nest in under a minute. We then had to make sure the egg we put in the nest stayed in the nest for more than ten seconds!! After that Mouse showed us the frogspawn and tadpoles he had brought in. We had the chance to look at the frogspawn really closely and it was really cool. After that we learned a little more about mini-beast life cycles, it was cool – thanks Mouse, you’re the best!! Click on the link to see us in action!!

    The Visit of Mouse (Part 2!!)

    IMG_3969 IMG_3960


St. Kevin's Spring Clean!

  • This week the super scholars of St. Kevin’s sprung into action for our annual Spring Clean, which is led by the great Green School Committee. All the boys and girls were committed to their cleaning on the day, and they did a smashing Spring clean of our yards, basketball courts, football pitches and gardens. At the end of the day our school looked like it had been sponged, scoured and scrubbed, and it looked super slick. So our thanks to our scholars for a superb Spring Clean!! Click on the link to see all the action!

    St. Kevin’s Spring Clean 2014!



The Visit of Mouse (Part 3!)

  • Last week Mouse returned to our class but this time he wasn’t alone!! In fact, Mouse had brought along a friend, a new pupil who was ‘furry’ good in class!! We were very nice to our new pupil, as he can sometimes get a little ‘spiky’ if he isn’t happy! We all had a cuddle and then we went exploring in our yard, to find food for our furry little friend!! Check out our snaps of our new classmate!!

    The Visit of Mouse (Part 3!!)

    IMG_3665 IMG_3669