4th Class

  • TeacherMrs. O' Rourke
  • SNAMary
  • Students10 Pupils


Our Bulletin Board

  • This is our class bulletin board. We will be posting news and articles on this page over the course of the school year. Check back soon for updates!


Our Bike Hub

  • Thanks to the efforts of our Green School Committee we recently were awarded a new bicycle hub, where our pupils can park their bicycles during the day. In order to create a really great ‘bike hub’ we ran a competition to create a design for the wall of our bike hub. Two of our winners were our friends from third class and you can see them hard at work painting their design onto the wall – see if you recognise us as we pose in front of their artistic creation!

    s_s grp


The Talent Show

  • On Monday, a number of our very talented fourth class pupils participated in the Holy Child Secondary School Talent Show. The talent on display was fantastic but our fourth class pupils were truly remarkable for a number of reasons. Firstly, they were among the youngest contestants, secondly they were exceptionally brave to perform in front of over two hundred people and finally, and most importantly, they were absolutely awesome. We enjoyed wonderful dance moves performed to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and a super rendition of Little Mix’s ‘Wings’! Check out our performers in action!

    stephen 20131216_134853-1


Our Christmas Assembly

  • Here is a short video of our Christmas Assembly. You can see snaps from ‘Christmas spells Christmas by our Junior Infants, simply superb singing from our Senior Infants, ‘The Sleepy Shepard’ from First Class and a wonderful choral performance from us, the  singing scholars in Third and Fourth Class as we perform a number of classic Christmas songs! We hope you enjoy!! Click on the link to see all the action!

    Our Christmas Asembly


Report Writing - Our Newspapers

  • We recently studied Report Writing with our teacher Mrs. O’ Rourke. We looked at newspapers, articles, record books – everything that had types of report writing. I choose to write a report about the very first lighthouse that was built in Egypt. I wrote about how it was built, where it was built, and about the colour and height. My reoprt was so good it was published in the Irish Times!

    By Katelyn Bissett



Our Marbling Art

  • Have you ever heard of  ‘marbling’? Our designs are  called marbling because it’s a way of making a pattern on paper which looks like a type of rock called marble. Marbling has been used to decorate paper for centuries. You may have seen it used on the inside covers of old books and this week we created our own designs using the ‘marbling’ technique – a little messy but so much fun! We hope you like our work!

    By Goodness, Jason and Shane



Magnificent Minions!

  • We recently visited the home of Glanmore Foods, where we discovered how the healthiest of lunches are created. The trip was great, especially as we were dressed like St. Kevin’s Magnificent Minions. Clink on the link below to see some of our fourth class super scholars recreated as magnificent minions on the factory floor!!

    Our trip to Glanmore Foods!

    Glanmore Foods 015


Little Puppy and Henry's Adventure

  • It was a beautiful summer day and the animals were doing their maths. Then suddenly Mr. O’ Leary walked into the classroom. He was looking for two volunteers. Little Puppy and Henry raised their hands. Mr. O’ Leary picked Little Puppy and Henry. They cleaned half of the yard. They went to clean the field but they saw a flying machine with an evil pig on it. He trapped Little Puppy and Henry. They tried to escape but the bars were made of metal.

    Then suddenly Santa came flying down to save them. Santa used his ‘Break Ray’ to get them out. When they got out, they all hopped on St. Nick’s sleigh and flew away. They tried to find Evil Pig but he lived far away in a big castle. They could not find him anywhere. Finally they found him in his big castle. They all broke his machine and he fell to the ground. They had saved the day. Everyone was happy, especially Mr. O’ Leary. Henry and Little Puppy finished cleaning the yard!!

    By Shane ‘Roald Dahl’ Gray!!



Seachtain na Gaeilge

  • Bhí Seachtain na Gaeilge againn i Scoil Naomh Chaoimhín. Bhí orainn go leor imeachtaí. Bhí comórtas ealaíne againn, bhí ceolchoirm againn, bhí lá glas againn agus bhí tráth na gceist againn. Bhí sé spraoi iontach. Seiceáil go léir an gníomh!

    Seachtain na Gaeilge!

    Seachtain na Gaeilge 157


St. Kevin's Spring Clean!

  • This week the super scholars of St. Kevin’s sprung into action for our annual Spring Clean, which is led by the great Green School Committee. All the boys and girls were committed to their cleaning on the day, and they did a smashing Spring clean of our yards, basketball courts, football pitches and gardens. At the end of the day our school looked like it had been sponged, scoured and scrubbed, and it looked super slick. So our thanks to our scholars for a superb Spring Clean!! Click on the link to see all the action!!

    St. Kevin’s Spring Clean 2014!