Junior Infants

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Our Bulletin Board

  • This is our class bulletin board. We will be posting news and articles on this page over the course of the school year. Check back soon for updates!


Math's for Fun!

  • A huge thanks to all our parents and guardians who help ‘Math’s for Fun’  and we hope you enjoy our very short video!

    Math’s for Fun!



Halloween Fun!

  • 20131025_094953

    Thank you to all the parents for making such an effort in dressing their children in scary Halloween costumes!


Buddy Time

  • Buddy Time Oct 13

    Every Friday our 6th class buddies come in to play with us, talk to us and help us! We always have lots of fun!


Niall De Bùrca

  • Niall De Bùrca came to our school during Friendship Week and told us stories about being kind to one another and how to be a good friend. He was very funny. Senior Infants came into our class to listen to the stories too!

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Congratulations to our Christmas Artist!

  • Congratulations to our Christmas artist who won a special prize in the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Christmas Tree Decoration Competition!! This competition is open to children from 4th class to 6th class but our star pupil decided to make his own one when his big sister  was making hers.  He made the snowman out of tinfoil, tissue paper, a bottle cap, stickers and an old bracelet.  Our winner, with his prize in our picture, and his mammy went to Dun Laoghaire today to collect his prize. Well done!!



Christmas Play!!!

  • IMG_3283IMG_3284 IMG_3285

    If you like the look of us and want to see more, please come to our Christmas play, “CHRISTMAS spells Christmas”,  next Wednesday the 18th December at 11:00. We have been practicing really hard and want to show everyone our nativity play!


Our Christmas Play Video!

  • Here is a short video where we, the youngest scholars of St. Kevin’s perform our play, ‘Christmas spells Christmas’, a fantastic play that we performed at our recent Christmas Assembly! Click on the link to see us in action – we hope you like it!

    ‘Christmas spells Christmas’ Play!


Our Wonderful Writers!

  • We recently started writing – and writing wonderfully!! Our terrific teacher Ms. Harrison was so impressed with our writing she asked us to visit Mr. O’ Leary in his office. Mr. O’ Leary was so impressed he thought Ms. Harrison had done all the writing!! We just said ‘We are wonderfully wondrous writers’ and everyone agreed. Well done to our wonderful writers!



Pancake Tuesday

  • 20140304_103920 20140304_103906 20140304_103857Today we had a special treat in school because it was Pancake Tuesday. Laura and teacher made some yummy pancakes for us and we could put sugar and lemon or chocolate spread on them if we wanted! We ate SO many pancakes we couldn’t eat all of our lunch!!!!


Spring is Here

  • 20140115_102818 20140115_102749 20140115_102020 20140115_101004

    To mark the beginning of Spring we planted some bulbs in our classroom. We put them in pots, covered them in soil and gave them some water. We will leave them on the windowsill so we can watch them grow!



Super Scribes!

  • Our biggest congratulations to our super scribes – or our truly wonderfully wondrous writers! Our terrific teacher Ms Harrison asked our super scribes to visit the office and show our writing to Mr. O’ Leary. We discovered we have much better writing than the principal. He thought it was writing from First Class it was so good. Check out our wonderful writers and their wonderful writing in the picture below!



Seachtain na Gaeilge!

  • Bhí Seachtain na Gaeilge againn i Scoil Naomh Chaoimhín. Bhí orainn go leor imeachtaí. Bhí comórtas ealaíne againn, bhí ceolchoirm againn, bhí lá glas againn agus bhí tráth na gceist againn. Bhí sé spraoi iontach. Seiceáil go léir an gníomh!

    Seachtain na Gaeilge!

    Seachtain na Gaeilge 136


Seachtain na Gaeilge!

  • 20140314_114221 20140314_114048

    Bhí tráth na gceist again i rith Seachtain na Gaeilge. Bhuaigh Rio, Jasmine, Jack agus Seàn. Bhuaigh Felipe agus Katie an comórtas ealaíne. Rinne said pictuiri iontach den “Froganna Beaga Glasa, Froganna Beaga Buì”.


Really Wonderful Readers!

  • We have lots of really wonderful readers among the scholars of St. Kevin’s but these guys are really top class!! You could pick any book in Junior Infants and these guys could read it!! In fact Mr. O’ Leary thought these guys were in Fourth Class when he listening to each boy and girl reading, they are such great readers!! Well done guys!!



Golden Helmet

  • 20140327_122103

    Every week members of the green school committee survey each class to see who have the highest percentage of walkers or cyclists to school. The class with the best percentage or the most improved are awarded the Golden Boot or the Golden Helmet award. This week Junior Infants won. Keep it up guys!!!!




Super Scribes and Wonderful Writers!

  • Wonderful writing was the order of the day in Junior Infants, and how to describe these super scholars and scribes that appeared with examples of their wonderful writing? Well let’s try!! Our star scribes are genial, good, gracious, good-hearted, generous, great, gentle and gifted!! We are very proud of these wonderful writers!



St. Kevin's Spring Clean

  • This week the super scholars of St. Kevin’s sprung into action for our annual Spring Clean, which is led by the great Green School Committee. All the boys and girls were committed to their cleaning on the day, and they did a smashing Spring clean of our yards, basketball courts, football pitches and gardens. At the end of the day our school looked like it had been sponged, scoured and scrubbed, and it looked super slick. So our thanks to our scholars for a superb Spring Clean!!Click on the link to see all the action!!

    St. Kevin’s Spring Clean 2014!