Green Schools


Welcome to the Green School section of our website. In this section you can read all about the ‘Dream Team’ or our Green School Committee! You can also read about our flags, what steps are in each Green School programme and what we are working on at the moment.

At the time of writing, we have six Green Flags.

1. Litter and waste 2. Energy 3. Water 4. Travel 5. Biodiversity 6. Global Citizenship

Our latest flag, for Global Citizenship was focused on raising awareness on how looking after our environment can aid people all over the world, promoting ‘Active Citizenship’ and making an improvement in the litter and waste management in our school. We have litter wardens marching around checking the recycling bins….they won’t let anyone away with a thing! The bins are in great shape and litter has decreased across the school. The committee completed a nationality survey discovering all the different countries our pupils and their families come from. Every class completed project work on these countries.

We as a committee and as a school having been really trying to promote a sense of responsibility towards the planet and to create active concern and empathy towards others across the globe. There are posters all over the school created by the committee to spread the word too.

We will leave you with our new Green Code ‘Don’t litter or waste or else the world will be a disgrace’! 

Thanks for reading,

Your Green School Committee!

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