Important News. A ‘Roll Call’ and Class Assemblies

Posted on 4th May 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Just a short note with respect to the school closure. Unfortunately, following the Taoiseach’s announcement on Friday, the school will remain closed to pupils generally, to September. This is far from ideal, and I was hopeful that the school may have been open at some stage in June, if not least to provide relief at home and some additional support to the pupils, and offer the opportunity to see their friends (from a safe distance). Sadly, we will not have this opportunity now so, in the interim, we will change a few things. But please, rest assured, once it is permissible, we will do something very, very special for the pupils, as we would love to see them and do something that is memorable for all the right reasons.

Class Assemblies and Activities

Again, from today Monday, 4th May, school work and activities, specific to each class, will be located in Classes 2019/2020. Please click on the Classes tab and then select the appropriate class from the drop down menu. Activities created by the class teacher, can be found here. Teachers have also included an email address in these posts, so please feel free to forward any work, questions or queries to the teacher’s address. Also, as always, please email if there is anything else we might do.

From Monday 11th May, teachers will email the work to you directly.

We are also aware that motivation levels may drop, following the realisation that pupils will not be permitted to return to school. At this stage, you should have received a call, text, email, What’s App, postcard, letter or small package from your teacher. We will continue to do this, to ensure you feel supported.

Additionally, beginning from Thursday, we will host weekly assemblies for each class. From tomorrow, I will collate the email addresses from each class, and forward the details and links (and a few minor ground-rules!) to how this might work to these addresses. Both myself (as principal) and the class teacher (when possible) will host each assembly. These assemblies will not be designed to evaluate the pupil’s work, but much like the weekly activities is simply offered as a support and most importantly, allow the pupils to see each other in a supportive, safe environment. The teachers are really looking forward to the assemblies. We will also arrange the pupils belongings, art, books and other materials to be collected when it is permissible too.

School Meals

Glanmore Foods will continue to provide food parcels to families in our school community over the coming weeks. Should you wish to avail of this support, please contact me, in full confidence, at Ideally if you could let me know by the Friday preceding the Tuesday when the parcels are delivered. My thanks for your understanding. We will keep this going for as long as we can.

Supporting You

As always, if there is some way in which we might be able to help you further, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will do our best to assist, support and encourage you and the young children and pupils in your care. We would also like to assure you that the school has been professionally sterilised  – all surfaces and materials in the classrooms and ancillary areas.

Arrangements, such as new classes and new teachers, will be issued in the coming weeks. As always, if we can be of support, please be in touch, we are always happy to hear from you and help in any way we can. Thank you once more for your great support of the school, and the support, encouragement and help you are giving your children and our pupils. They are a great gang and we miss them!


Ps. We had a very ‘special roll’ call on Friday, before the Taoiseach’s announcement. Our thanks again to Ms. MacSweeny for encouraging everyone to take part! Why not click on the link to see what our super staff are up to? You might spot some silky skills that you never knew your teacher or our SNA’s had!!

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