Senior Infants

  • TeacherMrs. Mary McMorrow


Class Activities!

  • Hi everyone, just a few activities to keep you engaged over the next few days, we hope you staying safe and well, and hope we can see you again soon!

    From Mrs. McMorrow and Deirdre!

    Geraldine the Giraffe( V)
    Write and draw words beginning with V.

    The Frog Prince
    Draw some pictures from the story
    (write something if you can)

    Write out your numbers to 10. Practice number 3 and draw 3 little minions.

    Write as many -an words as you can.

    Write out the story of 5. Draw 5 houses with 5 windows .

    History: Tell the story of the Frog Prince to your mum or dad

    Write as many -at and en words as you can.

    Write out the story of 6. Draw 6 dogs with 6 spots.

    Science: Look out the window and count how many birds you see. Can you draw a bird? How many birds can you name?

    P.E ( 20 mins)

    Geraldine the Giraffe ( W)
    Write or draw 10 things beginning with W

    youtube The Elves and the Shoemaker
    Draw a picture from the story

    Maths: Practice your number 9 Draw 9 things.


Class Activities!

  • Hi Senior infants ,
    I hope you are all well and keeping busy at home. Dee sent a message to say she hopes you are all being kind and helpful. We both miss seeing you all. I am looking forward to seeing some of your work when we get back.

    Geraldine the Giraffe. Sounds qu and Z , write and draw 10 words beginning with qu and Z. Practice your capital Q and Z.
    Write as many -in and -et words as you can, then get mam or dad to call out some words and you write them without looking.
    Practice some Nursery Rhymes we learned like One, Two, Buckle My Shoe( youtube) or Three Little Kittens.
    Do some reading every day from your own story books or get mam or dad to register with

    Stories: When a Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore ( ) Draw picture and write something about it if you can)
    The Pied Piper,Oxbridge Baby, youtube. Write and draw about it. Tell your mam or dad the story.

    Write out the story of 7. Draw 7 different people.
    Write out the story of 8. Draw 8 towers with 8 windows each.
    Practice your number 3 and draw 3 Little Pigs.
    Draw a Square, a Triangle and a Rectangle. Can you draw a square house with 4 square windows?
    Go outside on a shape hunt and see how many Squares, Triangles and Rectangles you can find. Draw some of the things you see.

    Get mam or dad to register with www.folensonline, go to Abair Liom and you can show them some of the Irish you have learned this year.

    Make some Easter cards and send one to someone you know.

    Everyone seems to like Joe Wicks so maybe do 30 mins with Joe on youtube.

    Lego Challenge:
    Build your own scary dragon. Then build a home for him/ her.


A Special Message!

  • Just a very short but special message to wish you a Happy Easter from everyone at St. Kevin’s. We miss you all but hope you are staying safe and keeping healthy. We hope we will see you again very, very soon!


Class Activities!

  • Hi everyone in Senior Infants ,

    Hopefully you all had a lovely Easter and got lots of yummy Easter Eggs. We are really missing you all and can’t wait to hear all your news when you get back to school. Here is some  school work for you to do. Don’t forget to have lots of fun too!


    Jolly Phonics sounds

    Story: Whatever Next.

    Reading: Pick a book from Oxford Owl Do this every day to keep your reading up.

    Science: Listen to the planets song and see if you can remember the names of the planets.

    Maths: Write out the story of 9 . Practice writing your number 9. Draw 9 rockets.


    Literacy: From yesterday’s story, make a list of all the things you would take to the moon if you were going .

    Art:Make a rocket from yesterday’s story from junk.

    Maths: Sing five little men

    Practice writing  all your numbers 1-5 .

    P.E Joe Wicks 9am


    Literacy: Write as many -an and -ut words as you can then get mam or dad to call out some words for you to write without looking.

    Practice your capital A, B , C and D.

    Maths: Draw a triangle , a rectangle and three circles . Can you draw a rocket out of these shapes?



    Retell the story to your mum or dad. Draw three pictures and write something about each one if you can.

    Practice your capitals E,F, G and H

    Maths:Try to write out the story of 10.

    Can you draw 10 things beginning with A?



    Literacy: Write as many words as you can.

    Practice your capital I, J, K L

    Practice BC song

    Maths:How many cubes can you find in your house? Draw 3 of them? How many cylinders can you find? Draw 3. How many cuboids? Draw 3.

    Lego Challenge: Make a rocket to go to the moon.


Class Activities!

  • Hi there Senior Infants. Hopefully you are all keeping busy and being good . We still miss you all and hope to see you soon! Here are some activities to keep you busy for the next week. If you do some reading every day it would be great. You can pick a book from or read one of your own books. Also all your sounds are on Jolly Phonics so keep practicing them too.  Do some exercise every day. Joe Wicks at 9am or pick something from Go Noodle. Above all, have fun and enjoy yourselves, Love Mrs Mc Morrow, Miss Forde and Dee.


    Literacy: What  are vowels? A, E, I ,O, U .Listen to Vowel Teams. Make words with ai ( rain, pain….)Draw a picture for each one.

    Listen to the lovely poem The Owl and the Pussycat and learn as much as you can of it.

    Science: Can you find out anything about Owls?

    Maths: Look at your foot. Measure your kitchen with your foot. How many feet long is your kitchen? Now your bedroom? Now your sitting room?  Write down your answers.

    Count in 2’s as far as you can go . Write it down.

    Gaeilge: Try this matching game


    Literacy: Write as many -ap and -et words as you can and draw pictures for each one.

    Repeat the Owl and the Pussycat poem. Draw a picture of the owl and the pussycat.

    Maths: Look at your hand spread out. Can you measure a book  with it? How many hands high is theT.V?  Now measure the table with your hand. Write the answers.

    Practice your number 8 . Draw 8 cats.

    Science: How would you look after a pet cat. Can you draw a few pictures about looking after a cat.


    Literacy : Geraldine the Giraffe -ea sound. How many words can you make with ea. Write as many as you can and draw a picture for each.

    Practice your capital M,N.O, P

    Maths: Draw a cat, then draw a smaller one. Draw a small dog, then a bigger one.

    Practice number 9 and write the story of 9

    Gaeilge:  Try playing this game

    R.E: Here is a lovely song for you to learn


    Literacy:  Practice your poem The Owl and the Pussycat.

    Practice the capitals Q, R, S ,T

    Write out your -an, -ut, -en- , words

    Maths: Make a small house out of Lego, then a bigger one.Make a big tower from Lego, then a smaller one.

    Gaeilge: Look at the poster and sing the song and do activities.


    Literacy: Get mum or dad to call out these words and see if you can write them without looking. Man, pan, nut , cut, hen, pen, jet, pet, pin , win .

    Now see how many words you can write in 3 minutes.

    Practice your capital U, V, W

    Say your poem The Owl and the Pussycat.

    Maths : Practice your number 5 and write the story of 5.

    Draw 2 pictures on the same page, one of day and one of night.

    Hope we see you soon!



Class Activities!


Class Activities!

  • You should now receive suggested work directly from you teacher so be sure to check your email regularly and be sure to show teacher some of your great art, project work and snaps of your different activities!

    We look forward to seeing you very soon!